Bigg Boss Kannada 2: Day 1 Highlights and Recap

Bigg Boss Kannada 2, day 1 started with a bang. Contestants from different styles, personality met with each other on their first day in Bigg Boss Kannada house.

Being the first day in Bigg Boss house, participants slept till the middle of the day and woke up late. For a start, Bigg Boss has provided them all their necessary things like shaving cream, toothpaste, toothbrush, oil, etc.

Day 1 started when Bigg Boss ordered participants to gather in the living room. They were ordered to follow the rules of the house.

During the entire show, one person who remained in front of the camera is Srujan Lokesh. Not only he remained the center of attraction, but he also led the gang.

He was given responsibilities of cooking, cleaning to housemates. Other than Srujan, Bigg Boss Kannada 2 contestant Aadhi seems to have trouble on the first day.

He was not happy when served Dosa him in the breakfast. However, the gang leader Srujan told him he has to compromise in the house.

Day 1 – Task
Bigg Boss contestants were asked to handcuff with a partner of their choice. In the first day task, Srujan Lokesh partnered with Anupama, Neetu with Shakeela, Layendra with Anitha Bhat, Harshika Poonacha with Akul, Swetha Chengappa with Santhosh, Mayur with Aadhi, and Deepika Kamaiah with RJ Rohit Patel.

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