Bigg Boss in Kannada Season 1: Contestants, Eliminations, Winner and More (2013)

Bigg Boss Kannada: is the Kannada language version of the reality TV program which is broadcast in India on Viacom 18’s Colors channel in the Kannada language. Kannada Bigg Boss becoming the No.1 reality program under South India. Kannada actor Sudeep was roped in to host the reality show in 2013 for the first season on ETV Kannada (now Colors Kannada).

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 1 (2013):-

The Kannada Bigg Boss Show follows a very simple structure where, 15 contestants live together under a house for a time period, until the show end.

The Bigg Boss Kannada Season one Winning trophy amount ₹50,00,000. The show lasted for 99 days and starting from 24 March 2013 to 30 June 2013 (Grand Finale). Kannada Bigg Boss Season 1 original contestants are 13, and two guests entered the series. The Kannada Bigg Boss house, situated in Lonavala, was fixed with 47 cameras to catch the actions from the house.

The Bigg Boss Kannada contestants are chosen according to their popularity and their tasks from the acting disciplines. The contestants live from the home dependent on the public votings. The number of votes can spare a person and the person with fewer votes will be removed each week, and this also follows the nomination-elimination procedure.

Show Host: Kannada Star Sudeep

Telecasted in: ETV Kannada

Number of days: 99 days

Number of cameras in the house: 47

Started on: 24 March 2013

Ended on (Gand Finale Date):30 June 2013

No of contestants: 15

Number of Guests: 2

Number of wild card entries: 2

Prize Money: 50 Lakhs

Bigg House: Located in Lonavala (Near Pune)

The Host of Television Show Bigg Boss Season 1

The Season 1 has been hosted by Kiccha Sudeep. Sudeep hosts the Bigg Boss Kannada show greatly and he is the reason many viewers watch the show in some ways. He’s a successful host for your Bigg Boss Kannada show & he might not be replaced anytime soon.

List of Contestants in Season 1 (BBK1)

The first season of Bigg Boss Kannada began with just 13 contestants After some days later few wildcard entries also. Overall participants left the series even more interesting Throughout is the very first season show. Here’s the listing of Bigg Boss Kannada Season one contestants at the listing.

  1. Narendra Babu Sharma
  2. Aparna
  3. Anushree
  4. Rishi Kumar
  5. Jayalakshmu
  6. Chandrika
  7. Vinayak Joshi
  8. Thilak Shekar
  9. Shweta Pandit
  10. Sanjjanna
  11. Arun Sagar
  12. Nikita Thukral
  13. Vijay Raghavendra

The participants stay at the home for 99 days also per week one or more candidates have been eliminated. The eliminated can be found in the hands throughout the audience since there’s the 1 manner who will decide who will remain in the home & who has to be eliminated.

Kannada Bigg Boss Season 1 Contestants List with Photos






Rishika Singh







Wild Card Entries in Bigg Boss Season 1 (BBK1)

Wild Card entries are the candidates that are entered into the house every time whenever the producers wish. Normally wild card entries starting in the middle of this week at the Show. They assist in the TRP of this series and keeps the viewer entertained also. At Season 1, complete of two wildcard entries, look at under.

Wild Card Entry Famous for…
Rohan Gowda Reality Show Alumni He is the winner of Suvarna TV’s reality show Pyate Mandi Kadige Bandru. He is also a version and a bodybuilder.
Rishika Singh Actress She’s an actress famous for its movies Kanteerava, Kalla Malla Sulla, and Benki Birugali.

Guests Entries in Kannada Bigg Boss Season 1 (BBK1)

Normally, guests will be the celebrities that are invited into the home and they interact with the participants. They often show up on the display either for a reason or to the promotion of the movie. Total two guests seemed on Big Boss Kannada one and it is possible to find their name below.

Guests Famous for…
Yogesh Actor He’s popularly known for its personality Loose Maada in the film Duniya. He had a lead role in films Nanda Loves Nanditha, Hudugaru, Dool, Yogi.
Rajesh Reality Show Alumni He’d acted in the film Jungle Jackie. He died in November 2013.

Eliminations Status Of BBK Season 1

Housemates Entered Exited Result
Vijay Day 1 Day 99 Winner
Arun Day 1 Day 99 1st Runner Up
Nikita Day 1 Day 99
2nd Runner-up
Narendra Day 1 Day 99
3rd Runner-up
Chandrika Day 1 Day 83 Evicted
Day 84 Day 90 Evicted
Anushree Day 1 Day 76 Evicted
Rishika Day 42 Day 62 Evicted
Rohan Day 38 Day 55 Evicted
Jayalakshmi Day 1 Day 6 Evicted
Day 27 Day 48 Evicted
Aparna Day 1 Day 41 Evicted
Thilak Day 1 Day 41 Evicted
Vinayak Day 1 Day 34 Evicted
Rishi Day 14 Day 27 Evicted
Shweta Day 1 Day 20 Evicted
Sanjjanaa Day 1 Day 14 Evicted

Bigg Boss Kannada 1 Winner: Vijay

Bigg Boss in Kannada Season 1 Winnder 2013

The program went live on for 99 days and 5 of those participants were finalized after the end of the show. However, the winner should take only one of the 15th contestants. As we had discussed eliminations are completely dependent on the public votes. Nominations are complete from the housemates and the voting process will be continued until the end of the week. The contestant with significantly less amount of votes will be eliminated from the series.

Vijay Raghavendra was the winner of Big Boss Kannada 1 as he got the maximum number of votes and also Arun follows him as runner up.

BBK Season 1 Runner Up:- 

1st Runner up– Arun, He continues with 1Day to 99 days.

2nd Runner-up:–  Nikita, He continues with 1Day to 99 days.

3rd Runner-up:– Narendra, He continues with 1Day to 99 days.


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