Bigg Boss Kannada Season 5: Contestants, Eliminations, Winner, Runner up

Bigg Boss Kannada 5: After the success of Season 4, Bigg Boss Season 5 (BBH5) is the next season of this Kannada reality television show. This Series is a Kannada language version show, and It began on 15 October 2017, broadcast by Colors Super. The series finished on 28 January 2018 using Chandan Shetty, getting the winner while Diwakar became the 1st runner-up and Karthik Jayaram, Niveditha Gowda, Shruti Prakash become 2nd, 3rd, and 4th runner-up.

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 5 (2017-2018):-

Kannada Bigg Boss Season 5 is a huge success. The reality program obtained multiple amazing reviews in addition to some negative reviews also. I trust that you’re all watching the Show frequently also might miss your favorite Big Boss Kannada on Saturday. Saturday and Sunday would be the best times for this Show as Sudeep will be entertaining the crowd and the Season 5 contestants.

The five-season is to play together with 17 contestants that include 11 famous stars and 6 commoner participants. The series is going to happen for the next three months over 100 long days. Check out below for Season 5 contestants name listing, Game Rules, Elimination listing, Show timing, voting, and much more.

Host: Sudeep Sanjeev

Telecasted in: Colors Super

Number of days: 105 days

No. of episodes: 106

Started on: 15 October 2017

No. of housemates: 20

No of wild card entries: 3

Prize Money: ₹50 lakh

Winner: Chandan Shetty

1st Runner-up: Diwakar

2nd Runner-up: Karthik Jayaram

3rd Runner-up: Niveditha Gowda

4th Runner-up: Shruti Prakash

Grand finale date: 28 January 2018

The Host of Television Show Big Boss Kannada Season 5

The Bigg Boss Kannada Season five began on 15 October 2017, and the finale was on 28 January 2018, Which was Telecast on Colors Super. Popular Celebrity Sudeep Sanjeev Host this show for the 5th time.

He continually hosted Season 4, Season 3, Season 2, And Also Season 1 of the show, and his hosting was quite appreciated and liked by the audiences in general.

List of Contestants in Kannada Bigg Boss Season 5(2017-2018)

  1. Chandan Shetty
  2. Diwakar
  3. Kartheek Jayaram
  4. Niveditha Gowda
  5. Shruti Prakash
  6. Sameer Acharya
  7. Anupama Gowda
  8. Riaz Basha
  9. Krishi Thapanda
  10. Jaya Sreenivasan
  11. Jagannath Chandrashekhar
  12. Ashitha Chandrappa
  13. Sihi Kahi Chandru
  14. Tejaswini Prakash
  15. Dayal Padmanabhan
  16. Megha
  17. Suma Rajkumar

Wild Card Entries in BBK5

  1. Vaishnavi Chandran Menon
  2. Lasya Nagaraj
  3. Samyuktha Hegde

Kannada Bigg Boss Season 5 Contestants Details with phots 

Chandan Shetty


Chandan Shetty is a singer, lyricist, and also music composer hailing from Hassan district. He was an associate of Arjun Janya. He is turning hero with Vichitra Prema Kathe.



Diwakar is a simple man who is a salesman by profession. He is from Narasipura also was brought up in Madikeri. He has traveled over the state selling over 50 products.

Karthik Jayaram


He is a popular Television actress, who shot to fame with the role named JK in Ashwini Nakshatra. He has worked in various of Sudeep’s films like Kempe Gowda, Only Vishnuvardhana, etc.

Niveditha Gowda

Niveditha Gowda

Niveditha Gowda was born on 12th May 2000 and brought up in Mysuru, Karnataka. Her dad Lakshman is a businessman, and her mother Hema Ramesh is a housewife. She has a brother called Rahul Ramesh. She did her schooling from Atomic Energy Central School, Mysore and currently pursuing her education from B.C.A. from S.B.B.R. Mahajana, First Grade College, Mysore, Karnataka. She was a contestants of Bigg Boss Kannada 5.

Shruti Prakash

Shruti Prakash
Shruti Prakash

She is a Mumbai singer and is yet to perform her debut in Kannada Cinema Industry. She made her debut in Marathi cinema “Sanai Choughade”, and she had made her debut in Tamil as well.

Sameer Acharya

Sameer Acharya

It’s good to see priests in the house Sameer Was a priest and skilled Sanskrit scholar who entered the Bigg Boss house as a 9th contestant and was the 3rd commoner, It’s fascinating .how he can manage the things in the house as he was a priest.

Anupama Gowda

Anupama Gowda

Anupama Gowda was a famous Television character in Kannada. She also gave her debut performance in cinemas, with Nagari’ at 2015. She’s done other reality displays and to achieve from the Kollywood movie industry.

Riaz Basha

Riaz Basha | kannada bigg boss season 5 contestants

Riaz Pasha is an RJ, voice-over actor also anchor, who has hosted programs across multiple languages. He is a Bengalurean, who was too in Mumbai.

Krishi Thapanda

Krishi Thapanda

Krishni Thapanda is the last contestant in the show. She was a model and made her debut in Akira. She is good at looks which she can draw some attention from youth.

Jaya Sreenivasan

bigg boss kannada season 5 contestants

A well-known numerologist who had a fantastic fan base throughout the world entered the home as the primary contestant. His primary motto is providing knowledge by individuals rather than idol worship. If you’re the regular viewer of every Bigg Boss Kannada season five, then you may have seen in Season 3 who steps in the house to say the fortune housemates then.

Jagannath Chandrashekhar

Jagannath Chandrashekhar

The host of Dancing star(Last seen)Jagan is the 16th contestant to enter the house. He acted in several serials and hosted several shows as well.

Ashitha Chandrappa

Ashitha Chandrappa | kannada bigg boss season 5
Ashitha Chandrappa

Ashita Chandrappa is a television celebrity in the Kannada cinema industry. She gained fame for her roles at the TV serials – Jothejotheyali and Neeli. She made her acting debut with Kannada Serial Jothe Jotheyali on Zee Kannada, and she came to the limelight following her roles in Radha Ramana as Avani and Rani on Colours Kannada. She one of those contestants at Bigg Boss Kannada Season 5.

Sihi Kahi Chandru

Sihi Kahi Chandru

Sihi Kahi Chandru is a popular name in Television and cinemas. He has produced, and directed TV serials and Pa Pa Paandu is his famous work. His wife Sihi Kahi Geetha is also an actor and voice-over artist, and also their daughter Hitha has started acting in cinemas.

Tejaswini Prakash

Tejaswini Prakash | bigg boss kannada season 5

Tejaswini Prakash was a Television celebrity, who was seen in many Kannada series. In the year 2012, she debuted in the cinema industry and gave many good performances with great stars.

Dayal Padmanabhan

Dayal Padmanabhan

He is a Kannada cinema maker who has directed 13 Kannada cinemas. He also acted in cinema Baa Baaro Rasika and Haggada Kone.


Megha | bigg boss kannada season 5

Megha is the first female contestant on the Bigg Boss Kannada Season 5. She is pursuing her Bachelor of Arts degree. Her personal information is yet to be disclosed.

Suma Rajkumar

Suma Rajkumar

Maharani Sumithra Devi was her 2nd name and is the 17th contestants into the Big Boss house. She is a commoner and a Housewife. She entered the house with zero expectations of her.

Season 5 Contestants All Voting Method 

Bigg Boss Kannada reality show is implementing new methods of voting with each new season. Google voting simplified the way the consumers vote since they can vote for their preferred housemates daily, and it’s one of the fastest methods too.

The show can be Online Voting equally in as well as regular SMS voting. So if you need to vote for your favourite contestant then don’t worry you can vote by following methods. In case if you are having any issues, then do let us know via comments below.

But At This time there are no polls available right now.

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 5 Contestants Codes for SMS Voting

Jai Srinivasan JAI
Megha MEGH
Dayal Padmanabhan DAYA
Sihi Kahi Chandru CHAN
Shruti Prakash SHRU
Anupama Gowda ANUP
RJ Riaz Pasha RIAZ
Nivedita Gowda NIVE
Sameer Acharya SAME
Kartheek Jayaram KART
Ashita Chandrappa ASHI
Divakar DIV
Tejaswini Prakash TEJA
Chandan Shetty CHSE
Suma Rajkumar SUMA
Jagan JAGA
Krishni Thapanda KRIS
Vaishnavi Chandran Menon *Wild Card*

SMS Voting for Bigg Boss Kannada Season 5 Contestants

The founders of this series still enabling consumers to vote for their favourite contestants by providing a missed call. Since the series has not begun so far and we’ll update numbers for every contestant below. It is possible to vote for the preferred contestant by sending out their”code” into 56882, and standard message charges will be related.

How to Vote Online using Google

We discussed earlier online voting and believe us it is one of the best ways to vote online for your favourite contestant. If you are confused about it, then you can find “How to Vote Bigg Boss Kannada Online” detailed steps below.

  1. First You Need to Open Google on your desktop or mobile whatever you use.
  2. After that search for “Bigg Boss Kannada Vote“ on Google.
  3. Than You will find a list of contestants who are in elimination.
  4. Now you can distribute your votes between all of them or vote only for your favorite contestant.
  5. You can cast your votes once every day till the last date.

Eliminations Status Of Bigg Boss Season 5 Kannada Contestants

Housemates Entered Exited Status
Chandan Shetty Day 1 Day 106 Winner
Diwakar Day 1 Day 106 Runner-Up
Kartheek Jayaram Day 1 Day 106 3rd Place
Niveditha Gowda Day 1 Day 105 4th Place
Shruti Prakash Day 1 Day 105 5th Place
Sameer Acharya Day 1 Day 99 Evicted
Anupama Gowda Day 1 Day 98 Evicted
Riaz Basha Day 1 Day 91 Evicted
Krishi Thapanda Day 1 Day 35 Evicted
Day 42 Day 84 Evicted
Jaya Sreenivasan Day 1 Day 77 Evicted
Lasya Nagaraj Day 58 Day 70 Evicted
Samyuktha Hegde Day 58 Day 66 Ejected
Jagannath Chandrashekhar Day 1 Day 63 Evicted
Ashitha Chandrappa Day 1 Day 56 Evicted
Vaishnavi Chandran Menon Day 50 Day 54 Walked
Sihi Kahi Chandru Day 1 Day 49 Evicted
Tejaswini Prakash Day 1 Day 28 Evicted
Dayal Padmanabhan Day 1 Day 21 Evicted
Megha Day 1 Day 14 Evicted
Suma Rajkumar Day 1 Day 7 Evicted

Kannada Bigg Boss Season 5 Contestants Weekly Summary

Week 1:

Anupama And also Tejaswini Prakash stood up for the first captain also Anupama was selected as the first captain of Bigg Boss season 5. Captain, Herself Nominated Niveditha Gowda through considering her age as a reason. Suma got eliminated in the first week. Literally, the fight is among the Megha, Suma, Diwakar, and also Niveditha.

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Week 2: SurprisinglyThe Bold Commoner, Megha Got Eliminated in the second week of the show. Dayal, Jagan, Divakar, Ashita, Sameer, Riaz Pasha are safe as they are a number of votes than Megha. Dayal was expected to leave the show but surprisingly its the turn of commoner Megha.

Week 3: Sameer Acharya was selected as captain for the third week. Riyaz, Dayal, Jayashrinivasan, Nivedita Gowda, Divakar, Shruti Prakash and Anupama Gowda are nominated in the 3rd week for eliminations.

Shruti and Divakar are directly nominated with the effect of “Poor Tragedy”.Surprisingly Riaz was nominated by 8 housemates. Anupama was nominated for the first time and directly by the captain. Dayal Padmanabhan Was eliminated for week 3 

Week 4: RIAZ was elected as captain for the 4th week. He nominated Karthik directly also says he is a strong contestant on the good fan base and also so he can be saved in any way. Tejaswini Prakash was eliminated in week 4. She entered as a favorite into the house and eliminates in this week. The rest of the nominated candidates are safe.

week 5: 6 candidates, Chandru, Jagan, Diwakar, Niveditha, Krishi, Ashi have nominated for the week 5 eliminations and Chandan Shetty Is Elected as captain. Among the nominated housemates Krishi Got fewer votes and so Krishi was eliminated in the 5th week.

Week 6: This week there are no nominations & eliminations in the 6th week. Niveditha was elected as the captain in the 6th week. So there are no eliminations this week.

Week 7: Krisni Re-Entered the House Again. To the surprise, Chandru Was eliminated this week. Diwakar, Krishi, Riyaz, Sameer, Sreenivasan are nominated along with Chandru.

Week 8: Vaishnavi Chandran Menon, Wildcard entry takes place and Big Boss Kannada 5 successfully finished its 50 days. Apart from captain and wild card, all the housemates are nominated in week 8 and Ashita was eliminated in the end.

Week 9: Krishi was elected as captain and 6 housemates are nominated for this week. Lasya and Samyuktha Entered the house. Jagan was eliminated in that week by getting fewer public votes.

Week 10:7 are nominated during that week including Lasya. Samyuktha was ejected on the day 66. However, Lasya got eliminated During the weekend. It’s Lasya time to leave the house for Week 10. So 2 housemates left the house this week making the game more nervous.

Week 11: Sreenivasan was eliminated in the 11th week of the show. Diwakar, Niveditha, Sameer, Krishi are safe by gaining more public votes than Sreenivasan. week 11 captain Riaz.

week 12: Krishi was eliminated in the 12th week. Anupama, Karthik, Niveditha, Riyaz, and Shruti were qualified for the next week by getting a good number of public votes. Sameer is the captain for week 12.

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week 13: Riaz was eliminated for week 13. 2 More weeks are left in season 5 and we are going to witness the winner of BBK5 in the next 14 days. However, the process of selecting a winner is as same as the previous seasons.

Week 14: Anupama and Sameer were eliminated this week. All the housemates are nominated for elimination as this was the last week for elimination. Surprisingly No one selected as captain for that week.

Week 15: This was the last week of season 5. Only 5 candidates are left in the house and termed as finalists. Winner and Runner-up will be finalized on Sunday and rest will be eliminated. Winner will be decided on the number of votes only. So keep Voting your Contestants. Chandan, Diwakar, Karthik, Nive, Shruti are in the finale of season 5.

Season 5 Winner: Chandan Shetty

Kannada rapper Chandan Shetty has become the winner of Bigg Boss five. The singer has been pitted against aam aadmi contestant Diwaker from the grand finale.

Famous Kannada celebrity Sudeep that hosts the program announced the winner’s title. Chandan took home the most coveted prize combined by prize money of Rs 50 Lakh. Another 2nd runner-up Diwaker obtained the runner-up prize money of Rs 1 lakh.

Both the finalists, Chandan & Diwaker, shared a great bond on the program also their love could be seen when Diwaker gave a tight hug to Chandan & lifted him next he was announced the winner.

Winner:- Chandan Shetty

Winner Prize:- Rs 50 Lakh

Runner-up- Diwakar

Runner-up Proze- Rs 1 lakh

Season 5 Runner Up:- 

1st Runner up– Diwakar, He continues with 1Day to 106 days.

2nd Runner-up:–  Karthik Jayaram, He continues with 1Day to 106 days.

3rd Runner-up:– Niveditha Gowda, She continues with 1Day to 105 days.

4th Runner-up:– Shruti Prakash, She continues with 1Day to 105 days.


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